Dark Chocolate Ginger

Dark Chocolate Ginger

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Medium sized pieces of crystallised ginger, smothered in a decadent dark chocolate. Packing a good ginger punch with a deliciously sweet, yet spicy taste, and a firm and chewy texture. A perfect after dinner sweet option.

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Milk Solids, Emulsifiers (soya lecithin, 476), Flavour); Crystalised Ginger (Sugar, Ginger Rhisome, Water, Sodium MEtabisulphite, Salt, Citric Acide (E330), Potash (E501) and Glazing Agents (E414, E904).

Allergens: Contains milk, soy and sulphites. May contain traces of other allergens.

Storage: Store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight

Shelf-life: 12 months if stored as above

Country of Origin: Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients


Nutrition Information
Serving size 20g
Average Quantity Per Serving Per 100g
Energy 337kJ 1686kJ
Protein 0.4g 2.2g
Fat, Total 2.8g 14.2g
-saturated 1.6g 8.1g
Carbohydrates 13.1g 65.3g
-sugars 12.6g 62.8g
Dietary Fibre 0.2g 1g
Sodium 1.4mg 7mg