Opito Bay Salts - Singles
Opito Bay Salts - Singles
Opito Bay Salts - Singles
Opito Bay Salts - Singles
Opito Bay Salts - Singles
Opito Bay Salts - Singles
Opito Bay Salts - Singles

Opito Bay Salts - Singles

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Original Sea Salt Made with sunshine, patience and love, our original hand harvested, artisan sea salt reflects the unique characteristics of Opito Bays beautiful pristine waters. With a salty sweetness and gorgeous soft salt crystals, our gourmet finishing salt embodies the natural trace elements and minerals of the Coromandel, NZ.

Try me with: Caprese/tomato salad, cooked vegetables, eggs, fish or meats like beef, pork or chicken.

Ingredients: Opito Bay Sea salt

Rosemary Sea Salt With rosemary sourced locally, this carefully blended combination pairs the salty sweetness of our gorgeous sea salt crystals and the wonderful aroma and herbaceous flavour of rosemary. This combo will awaken the senses and compliment everything from a roast to fresh tomatoes.

Try me with: Pastas, pizzas, biscuits, lamb, fried potatoes and apples, roasted peaches, cream cheese.

Ingredients: Opito Bay Sea Salt, locally-sourced rosemary

Porcini Sea Salt Inspired by the wild mushrooms prevalent in the forest that fringes Opito Bay this wild Italian porcini mushroom and original sea salt blend brings a hearty, beefy, meaty flavour burst to any dish. Pasta lovers watch out - once you’ve tried this sea salt blend pasta will never be the same again.

Try me with: Pasta, risottos, beef, buttery mushrooms on toast, Asian food

Ingredients: Opito Bay Sea salt, Italian porcini mushrooms

Chilli Sea Salt This beautiful blend of chillies and original Opito Bay sea salt will deliver a salty warm and depth of flavour to any dish. Combining just the right amount of chilli heat with our original hand harvested sea salt this blend evokes the heat of summer and beach more than any other.

Try me with: Popcorn, cheese, seafood, steak, fried or roasted vegetables, TexMex, wedges or a margarita or bloody mary!.

Ingredients: Opito Bay Sea salt, dried chilli

Smoked Chilli Sea Salt Sourced locally from Whenuakite on the Peninsula, organic Manzano chillies are carefully smoked and then carefully blended with our delicious sea salt. This combination will have you reaching for your BBQ. Combining the pungent, spicy aroma of smoked chillies with our original hand harvested sea salt you won’t be able to stop sprinkling this blend on everything!

Try me with: BBQ food, slow cooked meats, grilled chicken, salad or salad dressing, fajitas, tacos, avocado smash.

Ingredients: Opito Bay Sea salt, smoked Manzano chilies

Coromandel Kelp Sea Salt Coromandel kelp (kombu) sourced locally from Port Charles is carefully blended with Opito Bay sea salt. Combining the health-giving properties of kelp, with our original hand harvested sea salt you'll experience a totally unique umami taste sensation. A must for true lovers of the flavours of Coromandel it perfectly accentuates the subtle flavours of any seafood.

Try me with: fish and seafood, raw or steamed vegetables and salads.

Ingredients: Opito Bay Sea salt, Coromandel kelp