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It's time to make time for breakfast, Mama! Rad Mama's Vanilla Porridge is filled with all the good stuff to keep you & bubs fuelled throughout this season. Packed with galactogogue rich & natural ingredients, it's the perfect addition to your morning routine.

Directions: Mix 1/2 cup or 60g of Rad Mama with 1 cup water or milk. Simmer over medium heat for a warm & creamy porridge or leave in fridge for overnight oats. 

Ingredients: Oats, coconut sugar, chia seed, flax seed, brewers yeast, vanilla flavouring, maca. 

Allergens: Contains Oats (Gluten). 

Refer to images for Nutritional Information Profile. 

Active Ingredients:
Oats This protein loaded grain packs a punch for Mama's who are looking for a carb source that will keep the milk flowin' & both Mum & bub fuelled through our morning.
Chia seed An excellent source of essential fats, protein, calcium & iron.
Flax seed Omega-3 is the hero that we are praising in this one! Essential for babies' brain health, overall wellbeing & development.
Brewers yeast One of the most long standing ingredients known to support a healthy milk supply! Also packed with B-vitamins & amino acids essential for nursing Mama's.
Maca Known for its hormone balancing side effects, it is a great addition into a Mama's daily routine.