Green Goddess Dishwasher Powder - Citrus

Green Goddess Dishwasher Powder - Citrus

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Natural Citrus Dish Wash Powder contains only three ingredients.  Borax, Citric Acid and a blend of citrus essential oils. 

For sparkly clean dishes with no nasty residue. Tough on grease and grime. Septic safe. Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Directions: Add one tablespoon to your dishwashers dispenser. 66 washes per bag

Please note: Not suitable for pure silver, antique or painted porcelain, ivory, and bone items.

If you live in an area with particularly hard water try adding 2 Tbsp of Premium Soda Ash to the bag and mix well to help prevent mineral deposits. This is not necessary throughout most of New Zealand.

Side note:  Regular commercial dishwasher powder contains chemicals that you don’t want washed down your drain or sprayed all over your dishes.

The main ingredients of concern are phosphates which pass through to rivers and waterways encouraging algal growth which inhibits the natural ecosystem as well as the chlorine and artificial fragrances which can contain any number of harmful chemicals.