Premium Soda Ash

Premium Soda Ash

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Known as baking soda’s bigger, tougher brother, soda ash (sodium carbonate) is made from a naturally occurring salt. This ingredient is used in natural cleaning products all over the world and can be used instead of baking soda for tougher cleaning jobs. Similar to washing soda (which are crystals of sodium carbonate), soda ash is a fine white powder making it superior for DIY recipes and natural cleaning.

Use this product to make a natural laundry powder concentrate, clean silverware, or soften hard water, kill lichen and remove slime on paths or raise the pH of your pool water.

Sprinkle it on the base of your oven with baking soda in equal quantities, leave overnight and scoop up the next day. You can add double strength white vinegar if it’s really dirty.

Soak grubby clothes in a bucket with ½ cup of soda ash as a pre-wash soak.

14 household uses for Soda Ash