Pepper & Me Dips / Relishes

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On Yaa Onion Dip - Pepper and Me takes on the classic onion dip. Use two tablespoons of onion dip mix to one can of reduced cream, and mix well with a squeeze of lemon.  Let mingle for 10 mins then serve with chips! For a healthier version, mix with 1 cup of greek yoghurt.  Thin this down with lemon to make a yummy ranch-style dressing as well or add blue cheese for a blue cheese dressing. 105g jar, you should get 4-5 servings from each jar.


Get Freaky Tzatziki Dip Mix -  a wicked minty dill blend designed to be mixed with yoghurt or aioli and used as a dip, sauce or salad dressing - and pairs perfectly with any meats rubbed with the Za-atar spice. Mix a tablespoon with a cup of greek yoghurt or sour cream for the ultimate dip or condiment to serve with lamb, chicken, salads, wraps, or pita bread. Jar size 60g.

Can't Beet-a-root Relish - A delightful and mellow beetroot relish made from fresh gated NZ beets with a hint of orange. Simple and delicious with sandwiches, cold cuts, hot meats, or cheese platter. With a sugar level of 1.4gm per serve, this is a great lower sugar option. Please note that the relish does contain Malt vinegar, so is NOT gluten-free. 200gm jar.

Mango & Tomatillo Salsa - A deliciously sweet, fresh, and flavourful salsa, spiked with a little fresh chilli . This number is amazing with Chicken tacos or pulled pork. A perfect match for a sharp cheddar or a lump of creamy brie on homemade seed crackers.  This Relish is Gluten Free and Dairy Free and has only 1.6gm sugar per serve. 200gm jar