Premium Castile Soap Liquid

Premium Castile Soap Liquid

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Green Goddess Hemp & Coconut Liquid Castile is a 100% natural soap, made with Kiwi grown hemp seed oil and organic coconut oil, it does not contain palm oil or olive oil.

Cleans skin gently without harsh chemicals. Safe for babies, pets and those with allergies and sensitives. Leaves skin moisturised.

Uses for Hemp & Coconut Unscented Liquid Castile

  • body, hands, face, hair. As a pet wash. Cleaning, laundry, kitchen. Add to DIY recipes
  • use directly on a cloth to clean surfaces such as walls, architraves or skirting
  • dilute 2 tablespoons into a small bucket of hot water and use as a warm cleaner on surfaces, tables, benches, floors or outdoor furniture.
  • use as a spot cleaner for stains and spots on carpets and soft furnishings
  • use diluted in water as a floor cleaner – 2-3 tablespoons per 8 litres of water
  • use as a general shower cleaner, and as a vanity cleaner
  • great for washing out pet cages, chicken coops or fish ponds
  • great as a car cleaner and can be added to the window wash dispenser in vehicles