Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum

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Xanthan Gum is an effective thickening agent and stabilizer to prevent ingredients from separating. It is produced from simple sugars using a fermentation process, and derives its name from the species of bacteria used, Xanthomonas campestris. 

Ingredients: Cornstarch

Allergens: Packed in a facility handling gluten, egg, milk, soy, sesame, tree nuts and sulphites.

Storage: Store in cool dry place away from direct sunlilght

Shelf-life: 2 years if stored as above

Country of Origin: Packed in New Zealand from local &/or imported ingredients.


Nutrition Information
Serving size 100g
Average Quantity Per Serving Per 100g
Energy 1471kJ 1471kJ
Protein 9g 9g
Fat, Total 0g 0g
-saturated 0g 0g
Carbohydrates 77.5g 77.5g
-sugars 0g 0g
Dietary Fibre - -
Sodium <5mg <5mg